Meet the Team

Samantha C | Operations Manager
Sam plays an important role in ensuring our daily order is done in the right way and in the right time. When she's not providing her peers, she spends her time experimenting with new and creative flavors.
CY | Social Media Strategist
CY is a part of our Marketing team. He creates content for our social media, responds to all of your comments & DMs and sometimes when it’s super busy, he would help on general office maintenance.
Li Lian | Flower Wizard
Li Lian is one of our flower wizards and have delightfully enjoyed being the one to bookkeeping everything. She loves to stay active physically during her rest day.
Yam | Product Development Strategist
Yam is from our sourcing team! She oversees overall product curation and works closely with small, sustainable businesses across various industries and handpicks products from thousands of available options. Yam has recently started a beauty channel and wants to work as a art director for a beauty brand someday.
Belle Chang | Co- founder
Belle makes daily decisions about how the business is to move forward and in charge of all things creative. She thinks a healthy mind is the key to a healthy company. She spends her rest day reading, learning, volunteering and meditating.
Lou L | Co-founder
Lou is in charge of new sale plans, building credibility for the brand and always actively seeking out new sales opportunities through networking. He believes being how you do something is how you do everything, having honesty and integrity is the  most important qualities of great leadership in business.